The Goblin Prince

The Story Thus Far...

Adventurers Log for The Goblin Prince Campaign

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The Story thus far….
It started just like any job does, with a messenger saying come to Lord Brynn’s for a meeting. So Alain gathered some of his trusted and most capable friends and attended. The proposal was simple, travel to Zilargo and assist Trade Ambassador Nelvin in preventing a war between the Gnomes and the Yazar Goblin Clan. It seems that for 46 years the Gnomes and Goblins have maintained a peace through the ingenious method of a hostage/tribute exchange program. Every year a goblin prince would go to Zilargo and stay there for a year, at the end of that year the prince would return to the clan at the head of a caravan of goods used to buy the peace that allowed the gnomes to mine the western Seawall Mountains unmolested. At the same time another Goblin Prince would pass the caravan in the opposite direction and go to Zilargo thus completing the cycle. This time, however, it seems both the caravan, the outbound prince (Kano) and the inbound prince (Udan) have all vanished leaving tensions in the region running very high.

We left Sharn that very afternoon via an airship that Lord Brynn had waiting. Five uneventful days later we were in Zilargo and speaking with ambassador Nelvin. The situation was more dangerous as several skirmishes had been fought between the two sides search parties. We were given warrants of investigation and allowed the run of the city. For the next two days my companions scoured the city for information from the palace to the taverns in the drover district. On one night in particular my bugbear friend spend a few hours drinking with his goblinoid kin in a seedy tavern. The….gentlemen…he was entertaining were previous associates of Prince Kano and he was able to glean some valuable information from them that lead the team to Deputy Minister Kaze, a female gnome in the Treasury who had also accompanied the caravan. More investigation lead us to the conclusion that this Kaze woman had somehow orchestrated the disappearance of the princes and caravan. Most importantly, my companions were also clever enough to reconstruct what the Minister had been researching in the History Archives of the Palace.

It appears that Minister Kaze was fascinated by the history of two goblins known as the Brethren. These two held a large area of the western Seawall Mountains in their joint control through the liberal use of brutality and fear about 250 years ago. The histories went on the say that their evil soon turned in on each other and they killed each other in a horrific battle. Their bodies were carried to a secluded monastery in the mountains and given over to the care of its occupants in order to prevent any chance of resurrection. It was references to the location of this monastery, which Kaze had tried to hide by the simple expedient of tearing out the pages that mentioned it. Through the magical skills of our artificer, however, we were able to reconstruct the text and thus had a very good idea of exactly where the princes may be.

We left the city the next morning riding east toward the mountains, two days later we arrived at the place where the trail of the caravan simple vanished. It was the general consensus of the party that Kaze must have used some type of ritual magic to both cover the tracks and to allow the caravan to travel over the rough terrain. For five days our skillful ranger lead us unerringly toward the mystery monastery. On that day we happened across a young female goblin, a sheep header. She was more than happy to tell us a caravan se had seen two days prior that had somehow made its way deep into the mountains. Also when asked she informed us a ruin that existed in a secluded valley two days walk from our current locale. We made our way with all haste to this valley and upon arrival at the ridge leading down into the valley we were forced to halt for the night as our ranger thought it would be to dangerous to attempt a descent in the dead of night with the ground slick with winter sleet.

That night turned out to be very eventful as we were beset upon by a goblin was party. The goblins attacked in the dead of night and gain complete surprise. Our noble warrior on watch was struck by two arrows before he even had a chance to yell out. For a short while is appeared that the goblins had the upper hand but all of a sudden a naked bugbear exploded out of his tent and killed one of the attackers in two powerful blows. From that moment on the pendulum of combat swung to our side and we were able to rout our assailants into the woods, killing three of them. We wisely decided not to pursue them into the darkness of the forest as the night would serve the goblins much better then it would us.
Tomorrow we make our way down to the valley floor to see if this was a wild goose chase or if there are, indeed, answers.




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